Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Sentence Tuesday

I discovered a fun little thing going on in the writer blogosphere last week: Two Sentence Tuesday. I first noticed it at David Cranmer's blog but, I think (and forgive if I'm wrong) The Women of Mystery started it.

For my own entry, I'm listing the last two sentences of an essay I wrote for the Houston Chronicle back in 2003 reflecting on the death, in Iraq, of NBC News reporter David Bloom:
But on Sunday, upon learning that I'd never again hear his voice, upon learning that he left his family to go and do something bigger than himself, upon learning of his ultimate sacrifice for his country and his profession, he was Mr. Bloom. That is the nature of heroes.

And my entry written by someone else, here are two from Dennis Lehane's The Given Day:
She kept her hand on the wall and lowered her head and her dark hair fell over her mouth and her teeth were clenched into a grimace tighter than Danny had see on some dead people. She said, "Dio aiutami. Dio aiutami."

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David Cranmer said...

Scott, I just discovered Dennis Lehane and am in the middle of Coronado. Superb writer... And speaking of which so are you. How can I link to your original article?... The Women of Mystery started Two Sentence Tuesday (or Two For Tuesday).