Sunday, May 15, 2016

"The Box Maker" Nominated for Best Short Fiction from Western Fictioneers

I am a proud member of the Western Fictioneers group from the start. In fact, one of my Calvin Carter stories, "You Don't Get Three Mistakes," has the honor of being the first story I ever wrote actually be published in a physical book. That was in Western Fictioneers first anthology, The Traditional West."

A few years ago, I volunteered to read and help judge the short fiction contest. I read so many good stories that it was very difficult to narrow down my choices to a mere five.

This year, however, I entered a couple of stories and one, "The Box Maker," is a finalist for the Best Short Fiction Peacemaker Award for 2016!

Over the years, I have heard artists, writers, musicians, actors, and all sorts of creative folks claim that it is an honor just to be nominated. My goodness, how that rings true today. I am truly humbled merely to be on the list.

And huge congrats to Robert Randisi who earns the Lifetime Achievement Award. What he has accomplished in his career is staggering and something for which to strive.

The full list of nominees are here.