About the Author

Scott Dennis Parker lives and works in his native Houston, Texas. 

With a childhood in the 1970s and 1980s, Scott knows what it’s like to have three TV networks, one superhero movie, and a little film called Star Wars. He revels in the plethora of pop culture goodness of the 21st Century and has written about it for more than a decade right here.

It was through the fellow writers he met while blogging that he became an inaugural member of Do Some Damage, serving as the Saturday columnist since 2009. You can read his posts and those of his fellow writers at DoSomeDamage.com.

Scott’s journey to becoming a published writer came about because of two comments: one a question and one an endorsement.

In 2005, a co-worker asked Scott a simple question: will you read some chapters of the book I’m writing? Scott said yes, of course, but then added something: “If you read my book, too.”

The only problem was that Scott hadn’t even started writing a book. But he had an idea. He drew on the lessons he learned earning two degrees in history and turned that idea into his first book, Treason at Hanford: A Harry Truman Mystery.

Years later, Scott had completed another project, a novella-length story featuring Detective Benjamin Wade. He sent the manuscript to a veteran writer who liked the story and made a career-defining suggestion: Publish this book yourself.

Starting in 2015 with Wading Into War, Scott began publishing novels and short stories and has not looked back. In fact, he’s looking forward to the continued pursuit of writing and publishing great stories for everyone to enjoy.

Visit his website where you can learn about other books and join his mailing list to keep up-to-date on new books: ScottDennisParker.com.