Calvin Carter

The Old West teemed with dogged, badge-totting lawmen, vile, murderous desperadoes, and honest citizens who craved a simple, peaceful life.

Calvin Carter was none of those.

Combine Artemus Gordon’s acting ability, James West’s panache, Bret Maverick’s charm, and Brisco County, Jr.’s unabashed zeal for the adventurous life and you get Calvin Carter.

A former actor who became a railroad detective after tracking down his father’s killer, Calvin savors his exciting life, the mysterious cases assigned to him, and the beautiful women he encounters along the way. Together with his partner, Thomas Jackson, Calvin Carter aims to make a name for himself in the annals of the Old West…with flair.



The Mysteries I write evoke smoke shrouded streets, the glint of a gun barrel in the night, private investigators, police detectives, a dead body slumped on the floor, and stolen treasures.



My westerns draw their inspiration from classic TV shows like Maverick, The Wild Wild West, and the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and authors such as James Reasoner, Robert Randisi, and Louis L’amour.