Friday, April 26, 2019

Control the Controllables Part 2 - Are you having fun yet?

Yesterday, I wrote about controlling the controllables. That is, don’t fret about those things over which you have zero control. I listed all the things we have direct control over, but wanted to expand on one phrase today: “…The prose of the book itself.”

To be precise, the prose of the book are the actual words we choose. Yes, I get that and it’s 100% accurate. But how many of us actually have fun writing our stories? How many of us have a grin on our faces when we write a certain passage, or tears streaming down our cheeks, or actual pulse-quickening moments when our heroes are in peril? Perhaps of all the things over which we exert control, isn’t this the top?

Why do we write? Well, for some of us, it’s because we’re not good at anything else. But for many of us, isn’t it the thrill of the story? Isn’t it to escape?

I’ll tell you a little secret about myself: I escape in my writing. I have a good life and I’m immeasurably blessed. I have a day job that takes care of everything, but it would be really nice to write fiction for a living. I’m not there yet. Might not ever get there. And while I enjoy writing blurbs and descriptions, updating and tinkering my websites, blogging, and creating covers, the real thrill is the story creation itself. It’s the constant “what happens next?” moments throughout a manuscript as I’m telling myself the story at 4:30 am each morning. Those are the moments I live for. Those are the moments I have control over.

But you know what? They have control over me, too. I can feel my fingers speeding up and hear the clickety-clack of the keys as my heroes get into and out of a problem. It’s my favorite part of this entire process. Next is me sharing it with others. And there’s nothing more irritating than my morning session running out of time before I have to get ready for work and I’m not at the end of a scene. Most of the time, I don’t have any additional time that day to keep on with that scene. The end result is that I’m thinking about the ending of that scene all day long until I can again put fingers to keyboard and go. On those days, I’m actually held in a state of suspended animation.

I have a blast telling stories.

So, how much fun do y’all have writing your stories?

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