Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Dark Knight Returns" Movie -- Why?

Over at The Tainted Archive, there's a story about how the famous Frank Miller graphic novel that ushered in the darker Batman might be made into a movie. It would stand apart from the new continuity established by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale. Clint Eastwood's been mentioned as taking on the role with Zach Snyder directing.

As much as I love Batman (see my forgotten book review tomorrow), I have but one question: WHY? Didn't Snyder and company learn anything from Watchmen? It's not a slam against the well-made movie version of Watchmen, it's just that the source material--art included--is so good and vivid that we really didn't need the film version. Do we really need a film version of The Dark Knight Returns?


David Cranmer said...

We are simpatico. No need.

Chad Eagleton said...

No, we don't.

It's sounds like rumour to me. I'm fairly certain that Eastwood has said that Gran Torino was his last acting gig.

I can't see Hollywood footing the bill for a big budget movie where Batman is 65!

If they're gonna do anything with it; it should join the ranks of the Direct-to-DVD cartoon "movies".

And here's where I make another unpopular comment. I don't think Frank Miller comics work well as full-length movies. I've never been impressed with his writing or his plotting. To me his strength has always been the visuals.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Oh, we almost watched Watchmen last night but weren't sure of its worth. We'll give it a try.

Capes on Film said...

Hey Scott- this is the first I've heard about this rumor. Thanks for the heads up. i'm gonna mention on my site. Not sure why folks are so against this. If we can read a regular comic book series and also dig a stand alone, one-shot book, why not the same with a flick? I would love to see just a character study with few SFX.

Capes on Film said...

After re-reading your post I realize your opposition is not because it would muck up the current Bats franchise. You just don't see the need to film something that you think is perfect in the printed form. Sorry.

Charles Gramlich said...

Now I've got to get taht book.

Scott D. Parker said...

David - glad to know I'm not alone.

Chad - Probably is a rumor. Re: Miller - I'd have to agree. Take "Sin City": the book is vivid enough to not need the pictures moving.

Patti - Watchmen is a good movie. I suspect those who never read the book will like it perhaps more than those who did (and know what was left out).

Matthew K. - I have no doubt the suits will muck up the current Bats franchise. With The Dark Knight so well made, there's only one direction to go: down. My greatest hope for the inevitable Bats 3 will be a single villain movie coupled with Bruce having some doubts about what he's doing and why.

Charles - Most libraries should have TDKR and I highly recommend it. Don't bother, however, with the sequel.

Perplexio said...

I've got to agree on this one. Besides doing an outside continuity film could be confusing to filmgoers...

And hasn't Miller learned anything from his 12 issue Batman & Robin mini from 2008? It's in the same continuity as Batman Year One and is supposed to be set between Year One and the Dark Knight Returns. After 6 or 8 issues DC put it on indefinite hiatus due to poor critical and popular reception (it's been largely panned by critics and fans alike and the sales kept sagging).

I'll stick with the Geoff Johns penned Green Lantern, Shazam and Flash movies in the upcoming years.

micro sd card said...

I have just come out of the "Dark Curtain" Screening for The Dark Knight in Adelaide, and I'm blown away.

Nolan's directing is sublime, the pacing of the movie was so well kept, managing to keep the audience enthralled in an almost 3 hour movie. There were several shots in the film that had me saying "Now how in the hell did they do that?!", Brilliant scores by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer. Every actor shines, no one person steals the film. I don't want to say much about it, because whatever is said cannot do it justice, there is enough hype surrounding it's release, but it's there for a reason. Top Notch film. Bravo to Nolan and his crew for giving a movie that Batman truly deserves.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

It would be cool to see a movie version of the Dark Knight Returns. I love that story, but I think it would be better in movie format, with Jack Nicholson as Joker. I just don't like Frank Millers artwork, AT ALL!