Monday, December 13, 2010

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 14 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Looked great for one half.
To come so close, yet so far.
Like a hard groin kick.

Season now over.
Tell me what we're playing for?
Really. Please tell me.

Coach K does enough
To keep things interesting.
Is that just enough?

Can't complain too much.
Damn fine second half. Thrilling.
We win if "heads" called.

Two long scoring drives
Why can't we do that more? Why?!
Snatched defeat again.

Baltimore Ravens - 34
Houston Texans - 28 (OT)


David Cranmer said...

I feel like I miss out by not following sports.

Scott D. Parker said...

David - In some ways, you do. In others, you don't. You miss the exhilaration of a victory, but you miss the heartbreak (and heartburn!) of crushing losses. Besides, early next year, you will have the most exhilarating thing you can ever experience...and it doesn't involve sports.