Sunday, December 19, 2010

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 15 at Tennessee Titans

Was asked "Why haiku?"
I'm asking myself the same
After today's game.

Five and nine. Oh boy.
Week One seems so far away.
Was it this season?

No playoffs. Draft rank
Not as "good" as the Panthers.
It's purgatory.

Is the mere presence
Of professional football
In Houston enough?

Got outta church at
Ten past twelve. Already down
Seven. It figures.

So apathetic
That I don't even care t'was
The Titans beat us.

Time to do what all
Texans fans do every year:
Watch another team.

Houston Texans - 17
Tennessee Titans - 31


Perplexio said...

My Browns are also 5-9, I feel your pain. I believe in order to keep his job, Eric Mangini needs to win 4 of his final 2 games or at least fire his offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll. Daboll is offensive indeed. It's offensive that a no talent hack like him still has a job.

I'd like to see Holmgren make a serious pitch to hire Bill Cowher but I believe he's more enamored with Jon Gruden...either would be an improvement over Mangini. And I believe it was Gruden who recommended to Holmgren that he take Colt McCoy in the draft last year.

Scott D. Parker said...

As a University of Texas alumnus, I've watched McCoy's rookie year and saw the same flair as a pro that I saw for four years in college. Hope Colt continues to wow the faithful up in Ohio.