Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two-Sentence Tuesday: 13 January 2009

I just finished reading Lawrence Block's Killing Castro, the latest installment from Hard Case Crime (review arriving tomorrow or Thursday). I appreciated that in four paragraphs (the last being a single sentence), Block has hooked you. Here is the last sentence from paragraph three and the single-sentence paragraph four:
He had bigger things on his mind than corner loungers or early-bird whores.

He was thirty-four years old, and he was wanted for murder.

For my own entries today, a couplet that just jutted itself in my head this morning as I was commuting to work. Dunno what'll come of it.

With tears in his eyes, the chef reached for the meat cleaver and stared down at the body. He wiped his nose on his sleeve and set to work, doing his best to ignore the man with the gun who watched on impassively.
(Yeah, it's an adverb but this is off the top of my head.)

For more two-sentence goodness, head on over to Women of Mystery.


Laura K. Curtis said...

I wish the stuff that just came to me was half that good!

Barbara Martin said...

Talk about sentences that grab hold tight right away. Wow! Both sets. Bravo, Scott.

David Cranmer said...

Scott, Sorry it took me so long to read your sentences. I was super busy yesterday and missed out on the Two fun. I'm with Laura, I wish I could knock sentences like that off the top of my head. And Block is so good. His Hitman books featuring Keller are tops.