Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration: Lego Style

I visited Legoland (Carlsbad, CA) in June 2008. Arguable the coolest thing is Miniland where they have built many famous structures out of Legos. There is NYC, complete with the new Freedom Tower, Las Vegas strip, and Washington, D.C. (Capital, White House, etc.)

To commemorate the inauguration, they have built a representation of the inauguration. The photographs are here.


Martin Edwards said...

I remember queuing for ages, a few years ago, to take my children to England's Legoland. But it was worth it.

Jacob Weaver said...

Sweet! There should be a Lego version of me there somewhere. I'll be there, freezing my rear off, enjoying every second of it.

Scott D. Parker said...

I was at the 1989 Inauguration as part of The University of Texas Longhorn Band. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Without a doubt, the most patriotic thing we, as Americans, do, especially in a year like this when we change parties. Have FUN!