Friday, November 1, 2019

Top 10 Favorite Scenes of Kevin Smith Films

When I made my initial list of favorite scenes in Kevin Smith's film, I ended up with nineteen. Then, after seeing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, I added a twentieth. 

Most of these scenes everyone already knows so I won't bother with context. I will add some to the one Reboot scene.

If you've read my post where I rank Smith's films, Jersey Girl topped the list followed closely by Chasing Amy. If you've read my list of favorite performances, you'll also note those two films dominate my list. I could probably make a Top 10 list with just these two films.

The Top 10

  • Hockey rink scene where Alyssa explains her heartbreak in Chasing Amy 
  • The yelling scene followed by "My City of Ruins" in Jersey Girl
  • Ollie showing up to the play and Gertie's face in Jersey Girl
  • Car scene and the aftermath in the rain where Holden reveals his true feelings in Chasing Amy
  • Ollie's speech to baby Gertie in Jersey Girl 
  • Why me? scene where Alyssa explains why she's with Holden in Chasing Amy 
  • Dance sequence on the roof and Dante's realization he loves Becky in Clerks II
  • Ralph Garman's impression scene in Yoga Hosers
  • Randal's declaration of love for Dante in Clerks II
  • The Chasing Amy sequel in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
One of the best things about Reboot was, in Smith's words from the Houston show, it's like a high school reunion. So as fun as it was to see all the old actors and characters, there was one scene that went farther. When Ben Affleck agreed to join the movie shoot, Smith crafted an eight-page sequel to Chasing Amy.

Pitch perfect.

Ben's speech in Reboot not only completed Holden's character arc, but kind of also spoke to what took Ollie (his character in Jersey Girl) so long to realize. When you become a parent, your world changes.

If Silent Bob's speech in Chasing Amy is a goldmine of life advice about love and relationships, then Holden's speech about parenthood is the logical next step. And, it was the one time in watching Reboot where the tears flowed.

Honorable Mention (AKA The Other 10)

  • Silent Bob's speech in Chasing Amy
  • Stan Lee's speech in Mallrats
  • Jay and Silent Bob's entrance in Mallrats
  • Zack and Miri's love scene in Zack and Miri Make a Porno
  • Michael Parks telling stories in Tusk
  • Phone call in the police station in Cop Out - I know Smith didn't write this, but it's a funny bit
  • Sean William Scott repeating things in Cop Out - Ditto here, too.
  • The ending of Dogma with God
  • Brainstorming the porno movie in Zack and Miri
  • What are your intentions? scenes in Jersey Girl

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