Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where's Houston (and the rest of Texas)?

I found some more incentive yesterday to keep writing my current book and others.

Over at Crime Fiction Dossier yesterday, David J. Montgomery posted a link from the UK publication, The Independent, listing 80 locations around the world and the best crime fiction books to read about those locations. On his blog, Montgomery lists four of his favorite locales. He also links to his own list of various locations and books/authors to read.

The Independent listed no Texas cities. In Montgomery's longer list, he mentions only "Texas" and puts forth Joe R. Lansdale and Jay Brandon. Nothing wrong with those guys (and the list is a few years old and, thus, does not include Harry Hunsicker's Lee Henry Oswald novels) but this highlights what I'd like to do with my fiction: put Houston on the crime fiction map. I would be vain to think I could do it alone. I mean, I'm not even published yet. But I'd like to join the list of authors people think of when they think of Texas crime fiction. Who knows? One day, I might just get myself on those lists.

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Anonymous said...

I don't recall reading any crime fiction set in Houston -- and the state of Texas is underrepresented generally, I think -- so it's a great goal.

Good luck!