Monday, July 21, 2008

New Regular Features for the Blog

One of the things that keeps me going to the various blogs and websites I do is the regular features. For example, every Wednesday, I have to read Bruce Grossman's "Bullets, Broads, Blackmails, and Bombs" weekly entry, all grouped by a theme (here is last week's entry). It's to the point now, on Wednesday's, where I'll grab that cup of java and read his column first.

And, I got to thinking, why not me?

So, I'm introducing some regular features to this blog, based on the day of the week. I will post a book review every Tuesday. Mainly these books will be a catalog of my ongoing self-education into crime fiction and pulp fiction but I'll leave myself open to other works as well. I'll start that tomorrow.

First up will be Movie/Music Mondays. It'll likely be whatever I recently watched or what I am currently listening to. Unlike the book reviews, these will probably be all over the place. And I jumped the gun by posting my Dark Knight review this past weekend. Guess I should have waited.

But content is the key and I'll continue posting chapters of my current novel, Justice in H-Town, over at my other blog, Texas Pulp Writer. And, I'll likely start posting some material from my first award-winning manuscript, Treason at Hanford: A Harry Truman Mystery. My critique group meets on Wednesday nights and they almost always have good suggestions for me to do. As such, Thursdays will be my Chapter Posting Day. I'll also give tips I have learned on writing and things I learned in the critique group.

I have not figured out what Wednesdays and Fridays will be about. I'll leave them open for now. And I'll still post whenever I feel like it on the topics of crime fiction or whatever else.

I hope that some of you will enjoy the items I write and come back regularly.



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