Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Chicago Video...That You're Not Expecting

Readers of this blog know of my passion for the band Chicago (whose website is now revamped.. The latest released, Stone of Sisyphus, is, to my mind, in the top 3 CDs they've ever done. You can read my review.

Lately, I'm jamming to live recordings from the early days, specifically concerts from 1968-72 where the band's passion and energy is palpable, mistakes and all.

Now comes this video, via none other than Robert Lamm. Talk about energy. I don't know the guitarist (Tomoyasu Hotei from Japan) but I think I may have to find some of his CDs after hearing this cut. And, for a band that used to do covers, it's kinda neat to hear them do something new, even if it isn't their own material (It's "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" from Kill Bill, Vol. 1). Anyway, check out the video and be sure to read Lamm's comments.

Another note: some of the comments remark on the differences between Hotei and Chicago's original guitarist, Terry Kath. While Kath is one-of-a-kind, when I hear Hotei's playing, I am reminded most of DaWayne Bailey, guitarist for Chicago from 1986-1994. These were the years when I started attending Chicago concerts. And this were the years when hair metal ruled the airwaves. Bailey brought back the edge to Chicago concerts. The farther away the Bailey years get, the more and more I appreciate them. This is taking nothing away from Dacus, Pinnick, or Howland, but Bailey was Chicago's second best guitar player. And I don't think Mr. Bailey would mind me saying that, either.

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