Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Justice in H-Town (Reboot)

Upon reflection, I probably should have finished writing the *entire* book before posting chapters. Alas, I didn't...so I have to resubmit chapters 1 and 2 of Justice in H-Town.

I have 17 chapters written and most of chapters 4-17 I can reuse. I just needed to reset the trajectory of the book. 95% of the book and the story are the same. I just felt like there needed to be more dire circumstances in the beginning. And more than one person told me that my chapter 1 didn't deliver the emotional impact I wanted it to. Thus, I added a secondary scene in chapter 1, which I am posting today. And I'm leaving the original there, too, for comparison.

So, click on over to Texas Pulp Writer for the rebooted Justice in H-Town's Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will follow shortly, after I've let the critique group have a go at it.

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