Monday, May 20, 2019

The Game of Thrones Finale

First off, I have enjoyed being a geek who has seen very little of this series. It just didn't do it for me. My wife enjoys it and, up until this month, always watched the shows via binging when HBO offered a week's worth of free programming. But for Mother's Day, I bought her HBO so she could watch the end live.

I actually sat in for most of the penultimate episode. I also watched most of the finale. I think by now, I've watched something like six or seven full episodes. With my wife's running commentary, I get caught up.

So, as an outsider and a storyteller, I've got a couple of thoughts about the finale.

Spoilers of course.

Peter Dinklage is Incredible

You know that. I already knew that. From what I've seen in the GOT episodes I've watched and his other non-GOT material, I've known the man could act. But his acting abilities and the role of Tyrion were paired perfectly. His anguish at locating his siblings' bodies in the rubble and, despite all that's occurred, still weeping for them. He can convey more emotion by the movement of his eyes than many actors can with a long soliloquy. I very much enjoyed him last night, especially in his speech in which he puts forth the idea of an elected king. And I love the idea that they made Bran the Broken the king even though he didn't want to. A little like America's own George Washington, a man who accepted responsibility because it was his duty. Tyrion, in his own way, was the one who kind of was the leader of that little group, and gave the power to Bran. And then accepted the role of The Hand because it was his duty. Powerful stuff.

I'm not sure how many Emmys he's won for this role, but he needs another.

The Iron Throne

Even from the outside looking in I've known about the Iron Throne for eight years. It's jumped out of the show and become its own thing. Heck, there was even a replica here in Houston for Comicpalooza.

But to have the dragon melt it? Boy, was that a brave choice. I expected to have the last scene of this show be whomever sitting down on the throne. Nope. A brave choice that led to something better.

The Actual Ending

Over the years, all my favorite shows end. Some, like Friends, have the characters break up and leave the confines of the familiar apartment or neighborhood bar. An actual ending.

But I've become more of a fan of how GOT ended last night. Just like with The Big Bang Theory, you know life will go on, but we viewers won't be around to see them. Tyrion at the head of the table, discussing the business of the kingdom. His tone was simultaneously hopeful, bored, and light. Jon Snow going off with those people (I've forgot the names but my wife tells me they are the people of his dead wife) to make a new life. The  one young lady [daughter of someone...hang on: let me look her up. Arya!] sailing off on the ship to see what's west of Westeros. That's adventure! That's hope.

As a storyteller, I really enjoyed that kind of ending.

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