Friday, October 3, 2008

Elizabeth Crook Interview @ The Louis L'amour Project

One of the side effects of my joining Patti Abbott's Forgotten Books Fridays is that I've read two westerns. That's two westerns read in my entire life. My grandfather and dad love westerns but they were never my thing.

Until now. After reading two westerns (William Colt MacDonald's Mascarada Pass and Day Keene's Guns on the Brazos), I will forge ahead and read many more westerns. Never knew what I was missing.

In my research into things western, I stumbled upon a cool blog, The Louis L'amour Project. I love experiments and, based on the sub-title and mission statement, blogger Chris Jones is on a quest: "Reading a bunch of Louis L'amour and seeing what happens." From what I've read so far, all good things have happened.

A nice feature of The Louis L'amour Project are his author interviews. Today he publishes an interview with native Texan Elizabeth Crook. I've not read her work--yet--but her reminiscences of Aquarina Springs in San Marcos, TX, really took me back thirty years. And how many of us writers can relate to how she took up the pen and started writing?

Good interview and a good site to bookmark on your Google Reader. You won't be disappointed in either.

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