Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winners all around...even me

The Shamus Awards were announced today up in Baltimore at the Bouchercon. Head on over to The Rap Sheet for the list. Cornelia Reed won for "Hungry Enough," a short story from A Hell of A Woman: An Anthology of Female Noir, edited by Megan Abbott (Busted Flush Press). You can read my review of that story here.

At my local Fall Writer's Conference sponsored by the Ft. Bend Writer's Guild, at which Robert Cremins was the terrific guest speaker, I won for the 6-word novel contest.

My winning entry: Wanted: new husband without bullet holes.

This marks the third time I've written something and won money for it. You know, I like that feeling. I'd like to keep that going...


David Cranmer said...

I can imagine that is a good feeling winning some moolah.

David Thompson said...

Congrats, Scott!!

eejut said...


great six word novel, too. sell the movie rights ;)