Monday, August 25, 2008

Star Wars Must Die*

*That's the title of a blog entry today over at SF Signal. For my part, I am a lifelong Star Wars geek. Like innumerable of you, something changed in me the day I watched Star Wars back in 1977. I grew up with Star Wars and I will always love Star Wars.

But I have almost no interest in the new Clone Wars movie. In fact, when the wife asked "When are we going to see it?" and I told her I'd rent it on DVD later on, she was shocked. This was, of course, while waiting in line at Mickey D's to get my son a Happy Meal and a Star Wars toy.

For me, the post-Return of the Jedi years are much more interesting than the pre-Star Wars years. The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn is fantastic. You simply must read it. Everything you loved about the original trilogy is in there plus more.

But go read the essay at SF Signal. It's worth reading and I agree with most of its thoughts.

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