Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics Opening Ceremony

Not crime related but who cares. Did y'all see those opening ceremonies on NBC Friday night? Holy Cow! They were gorgeous. My favorite moments were when all those folks popped of of the boxes, revealing that it was human timing and coordination not mechanical programming that made those kick-ass shapes. When the LCD 'scroll' appeared. When the dancers with the lights on their uniforms did their thing. And when Li Ning 'ran' around the stadium. Tres cool!

Most moving moment was when Yao Ming, Chinese flag bearer, came out with that little boy, Lin Hao. Hao crawled out from the rubble of his school--where half his class perished--but then crawled back in to rescue two more classmates. When asked why, he said he was hall monitor and that was his job. Very somber yet heartwarming.

Biggest issue I had was no female commentator. It was Bob Costas (always good at these things) and Matt Lauer (always good, too). But during the parade of nations, with all the cool clothes, NBC needed a female voice.

This morning, I got to show the boy what the Olympics are all about. Mariel Zagunis won the gold medal in fencing. I showed the boy what happens: you get a medal, your flag is raised, and your national anthem is played. Zagunis obliged by tearing up (who wouldn't?). Not sure it registered with the boy but I have 15 more days.

Man, I dig the Olympics!

You can go over to MSNBC for some video links. Check them out.

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