Friday, November 8, 2019

NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 8

For anyone struggling with a story, there are many ways to overcome the challenges, but there's one piece of advice I have come to accept as foundational: Trust the Process.

I have a day job and a family so my writing times are time-limited. An hour or so in the morning before work and around 55 minutes at lunch after a daily chat with my wife. But the other twenty-two hours of the day, story-wise, is time for the subconscious to mull over ideas and next scenes. Sometimes your subconscious hasn't figured out where to go next.

Then there are the days in which it does. Then, you just hold on because your fingers fly over the keyboard and you curse the end of writing time. It was a breakthrough, at least for the near term.

That's what happened today.

Of course, tonight, when I read my new words to the wife, she guessed on where the story was going. "No, that's not what I wrote...but dang it I wish I had." Still, I'm going with what my subconscious came up with. We'll see how much fun it'll be.

Trust the process.

Can't wait for tomorrow morning.

Day 1: 2,063 (47,937 remaining)
Day 2: 2,724 (4,787 total; 45,213 remaining)
Day 3: 2,189 (6,976 total; 43,024 remaining)
Day 4: 2,033 (9,009 total; 40,991 remaining)
Day 5: 1,769 (10,778 total; 39,222 remaining) *Rewrite of chapter 4 
Day 6: 1,899 (12,677 total; 37,323 remaining)
Day 7: 1,207 (13,884; 36,116 remaining) *First sub 1,667 day
Day 8: 1,788 (15,672; 34,328 remaining) *Breakthrough on where story is going

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