Thursday, November 7, 2019

NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 7

An odd day, all things considered. 

I started out at the end of chapter 5 where our Hero meets his first adversary face to face. Nice way to end a chapter because it immediately makes starting chapter 6 easier.

What kept me under the typical daily pace of 1,667 words was tiredness. I woke up tired. I came home and grabbed a 15-minute nap. It rained all day and was cloudy the rest of the time. The day job slammed me like it hasn't in a long time. Lots of mental energy spent doing the day job. I ended up at only 1,207 words for today. I'm still 2,215 words over pace for the entire month so I can afford a sub-par day.

But it's actually mid-fight in chapter 6 so it won't be like "Where do I got next?" in the morning. I'll be able to come out swinging.


Day 1: 2,063 (47,937 remaining)
Day 2: 2,724 (4,787 total; 45,213 remaining)
Day 3: 2,189 (6,976 total; 43,024 remaining)
Day 4: 2,033 (9,009 total; 40,991 remaining)
Day 5: 1,769 (10,778 total; 39,222 remaining) *Rewrite of chapter 4  
Day 6: 1,899 (12,677 total; 37,323 remaining) 
Day 7: 1,207 (13,884; 36,116 remaining) *First sub 1,667 day

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