Tuesday, November 5, 2019

NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 5

After yesterday's semi-roadblock, I ended up re-writing chapter 4. I used some of the same words, but didn't count them in today's numbers.

The bad thing: my days and chapters are off. I tend to write a chapter a day. 4 November = Chapter 4. Now, I'm off. I'll just have to write two chapters one day.

The good thing: the story is better with the revised Chapter 4. The last last was a doozy. Where do we go next?

Day 1: 2,063 (47,937 remaining)
Day 2: 2,724 (4,787 total; 45,213 remaining)
Day 3: 2,189 (6,976 total; 43,024 remaining)
Day 4: 2,033 (9,009 total; 40,991 remaining)
Day 5: 1,769 (10,778 total; 39,222 remaining) *Rewrite of chapter 4


1LLoyd said...

Doing good Scott. Glad the back up and go in a different direction worked out for you. I expect you to have fun this month.

Scott D. Parker said...

1LLoyd - how's it going with you?