Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joelle Charbonneau Answers *That* Question

You know the one: How did you come to write this book?

Patti Abbott has started a series over at her blog that asks this question of various authors. If I wasn't already a regular reader of Patti's blog, I'd have started just to read this series. Today, she has lassoed my fellow Do Some Damage scribe, Joelle Charbonneau, into answering this question about "Skating Around the Law," her debut novel. Head on over to Patti's blog to find out Joelle's answer.

And, as I wrote in the comments section on Patti's blog, I am less that 100 pages from the end of of this book. I'll review it in full once I'm done. As of now, however, I can say that this book is very entertaining and downright fun. And, since I still don't know whodunnit*, I can say that the mystery aspect of it is well crafted.

*Last night, I might have an idea of the culprit. We shall see...


pattinase (abbott) said...

I haven't read it yet but I can tell from her blog posts she is someone whose book I would love.

Scott Parker said...

The neat thing is this: Joelle's blog posts and this book exude with her wonderful personality. I've only met her once, at Murder by the Book, and then for only a couple of hours. But, in a very real sense, she is so genuine, it was like I'd known her for longer. That positive energy is what makes this first book simply fly (a cracking good mystery helps as well).