Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forgotten Music: January 2011 - The Summary

Well, it seems the gang got along just fine without me. But I'll be back with an entry next month.

Bill Crider - Calypso
Iren - Pushing Daisies Soundtrack
Jerry House - Two Jimmies
Randy Johnson - Rawlins Cross
George Kelley - Tammi Terrel
Evan Lewis - Lightnin' Hopkins
Todd Mason - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Charlie Ricci - Fanny
Perplexio - John Barry (Themependium)
Paul D. Brazill - Manu Dibango

Well, I don't think I made any errors. Thanks to all who participated today. And let's try to wrangle some more folks into our little project.

Until the last Thursday of February (24th)...

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