Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forgotten Music: January 2011

I'm writing this in a haze of the flu crud and the over-the-counter meds I'm taking to make the crud go away. Thus, I don't have an entry today.

But our stalwart regulars do. Here's the usual. As always, if I missed someone (or if someone joins in for the first time), I'll add you to the summary.


Bill Crider
Eric (Iren)
Jerry House
Randy Johnson
George Kelley
Evan Lewis
Todd Mason
Charlie Ricci
Paul D. Brazill

(Think I got this all correct. Apologies in advance if I screwed up on a link. I'll fix it later.)


George said...

Hope you feel better soon! Next year, get the flu shot.

Todd Mason said...

The only year I've taken the flu vaccine, George, they guessed completely wrong on the emergent strains...but then, so far, knocing on head, I've rarely had more than a subclinical case of the flu (that year was one of the exceptions). However, I'm not so resistant to blizzards, so my late entry will be up this afternoon.

Randy Johnson said...

Be well, my friend.

I've only had the flu once in my life and it was only a mild strain(I missed two days of work). I'd never had a shot until beginning five or six years back either. but, you know, getting older...