Sunday, January 2, 2011

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 17 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The season's over.
Week One was Cloud Nine. This week
Was euthanasia.

Barring a firing
"Wait 'til next year" sounds hollow.
So tired of "Next Year."

Appreciate the
Owner standing by his man.*
Only wins now, team.

T'was a weird season.
Foster's the man! Schaub's on fire.
Way too much heartache.

Wade's got a huge task.*
Only place to go is up.
Dare we try to hope...?

Jacksonville Jaguars - 17
Houston Texans - 34

*Based on the rumors that Gary Kubiak will remain as head coach and Wade Phillips will be hired as the defensive coordinator. As of this writing, it's not official.

Until next year...

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Perplexio said...

The Browns fired Mangini and started searching for their new coach before he even left the building. When I caught the Browns/Steelers game yesterday with the score 38-3 I knew it wasn't looking good for Mangini's future in Cleveland.