Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 4:

The theme of today was flexibility. This morning’s writing session was interrupted when my Mac wouldn’t start. So, I shifted to connecting my iPod Touch with my Apple keyboard. I managed 1100 words or so, but knew I needed to make up the deficit. I wrote some on the iPod at the day job, but deadlines and meetings ate up all my break time. Not much writing done during the day.
Throughout the day, my mind wondered if I had lost all my data. I diagnose the problem, fixed the drive--took apart my laptop and extracted the drive to repair it--and got it working again. Finished the day at 1709 words.

Day 1: 3464 (3464 total; 46,536 remaining)
Day 2: 2325 (5789 total; 44,211 remaining)
Day 3: 2637 (8426 total; 41,574 remaining)
Day 4: 1709 (10,100 total; 39,900 remaining)

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