Monday, January 25, 2010

Story Number One

I have a simple writing resolution this year: write and submit at least 12 stories. That's one a month. Should be doable. Frankly, should be exceedable. I enjoy Michael Bracken's ongoing tally of his story output. With a hat tip to him, I'd like to follow suit.

I have written and submitted my first story of the year. It's a 6,425-word yarn that I've sent to the editors of an anthology. It's the second adventure of my railroad detective, Calvin Carter and I got a big kick out of writing it. (If you're curious, the link to the first is there to the right.) I started the story sometime in December (I'll be sure to mark the start date next time) but I wrote most of it during the first week of January. I finished it a week ago and have been making edits (and having it read) ever since. Time for submission. I'll let everyone know if it gets accepted.

Stories Written in 2010: 1
Stories Left to Write in 2010: 11


pattinase (abbott) said...

That is very ambitious, Scott. I wrote a novel this year and about six stories--a few flashes. The novel is basically a tune-up for the stories. I also write about six movie reviews and several book reviews-as do you. Do we count them or not?

Richard Prosch said...

A worthy goal. Godspeed, John Glenn. As a separate exercise, on might think "word count." There I think it's legit to include any writing that's formal (beginning, middle and end --so while book reviews would count, blog comments would not).

David Cranmer said...

Hey, I like Pattis new avatar!

Scott, that is doable for anyone but me. I swear I write twenty stories a year and submit about two.

Congrats to your first submission.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Great stuff, Scott. look forward to reading it.

Scott Parker said...

Patti - Ambitious, yes. Doable. Also yes. Actually, the secret goal is one of two things: reach 12 stories before 31 Dec or submit more than 12 stories by 31 Dec.

Richard - I'm going to include blog entries on my monthly word count and keep a running tally. I think it was J.T. Ellison at Murderati that did it for 2009 and she found an interesting result.

David - Tis a cool avatar. And, what's stopping you from submitting the other 18?

Paul - It was a fun story to write. Looking forward to more of them.

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on getting the story finished and out there. Good luck with it.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Great idea and I wish you every success.

Michael Bracken is a wonderful role model.


Anonymous said...
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