Sunday, October 25, 2009

Houston Texans vs. San Francisco 49ers - Haiku

Hung on by teeth's skin.
Have to say it: confidence
is up in H-Town.

Houston Texans - 24
San Francisco 49ers - 21


Perplexio said...

Your Texans did well yesterday. Congrats. Both my teams suffered embarassingly bad losses.

Scott Parker said...

Perplexio - You're two teams are the Bears and Browns, right? Can't say much about the Browns. The Bears should right their ship throughout the season and be in the hunt for a wild-card*.

*Assuming the Vikes keep playing the way they're playing.

Perplexio said...

The Browns ship is sinking fast. At this point I'm actually hoping for continued losses as it could potentially lead to the firing of Eric Mangini whom I believe was a mistake in the first place (not to mention they'll get an earlier and more respectable draft pick to replace some of the talent Mangini has traded away-- Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards in particular)

Without Urlacher leading them, The Bears D-line is hurting this season. You may be right about sneaking into the playoffs on a Wild Card berth but Green Bay may edge them out (if the Vikings keep playing the way they have been). I think with the NFC either the Vikings or Green Bay will be the Wild Card depending on how/well or poorly the Vikings finish their season.

Buck said...

I live in Colorado. Being a Broncos fan is pretty sweet these days. Of course, nobody around thought we'd be this good. I was thinking Denver would have a record of 7-9 this season.

That Cleveland turned the Browns over to Mangini in the first place is mystifying. Was somebody impressed by what he did with the Jets?

Glad that the Texans won. Kubiak still has his job.

Perplexio said...

Buck: At this point I think I'm actually hoping for Browns losses or any other circumstances that might expedite the firing of Eric Mangini. I know Bill Cowher was their first choice and he wasn't/isn't quite ready to return to the coach's bench, but Mangini shouldn't have been on the list at all. When Shanahan got the boot in Denver I was hoping the Browns would have gone after him. He may have not been the best fit for Cleveland, but he certainly would have been a better choice than Mangini... heck rehiring Butch Davis would have been a better option than Mangini... and Davis was a disaster.

Buck said...

Pretty soon Perplexio, early next year probably, Mangini will be one more unemployed American worker.

What a wonderful catch Cowher would be. The itch to coach again has got to be growing in him. Who knows, if Cleveland offers him enough money and control, he might jump at it.

Shanahan would have been a better choice than Mangini, but he seemed so stunned that Denver fired him that he just wanted to spend some time away from football and lick his wounds.

Regardless of who your next coach will be, let me express my best wishes and sympathy for you and all the other long-suffering Brown fans.