Sunday, October 11, 2009

Houston Texans vs. Arizona Cardinals - Haiku

A tale of two halves.
The game lasts sixty minutes.
Clock's ticking, Coach K...

A second Haiku:

Third-and-inches. Failed.
Fourth-and-one on the goal line.
Stuffed. Make one, we win.

Houston Texans - 21
Arizona Cardinals - 28


Buck said...

I've liked Kubiak since he was at Denver. Hope his job isn't in danger.

Scott Parker said...

Buck - I like Coach Kubiak as well. Think he's a great quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. But there's something about having four seasons to improve--and we got good players on our team--and you don't that's the problem. Were he on any other team, he might already be gone. That he's not is testament to owner Bob McNair's loyalty. At some point in the NFL, however, you have to improve and win or you're gone. The Texans have defeated the Titans (not good this year) and the Raiders. We've lost to future play-off team Jets, a then-winless Jags team, and the Cardinals. We're 2-3. We should be 5-1 now (Jets are for real). Something's gotta give.