Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Sentence Tuesday: Lingerie Edition

As I wrote yesterday in my vacation wrap-up, a few stories I didn't see coming showed up in my brain while in Central Texas last week. I've started the first one and here are the opening lines:
Texas Park Ranger Renee Richards was holding up a thin gauzy piece of see-through nothingness that was supposed to be lingerie when her cellphone sang out the latest Kenny Chesney tune. One by one, Renee leading the way, all five women at the bridal shower stopped cackling as the inevitable nature of the call dawned on them.

The manhunt had reached the state park.
I've got the entire story plotted. I intend for it to be a short, fun, light, and, perhaps, eerie tale of a park ranger in Texas and how she solves the puzzle of the escaped convict's whereabouts.

As far as reading is concerned, I finished William Colt MacDonald's The Comanche Scalp last week. It's a Gregory Quist story, the inspiration for my western published at Beat to a Pulp, and I'm glad it wasn't the first one I read as I wouldn't have read anymore. So, no excerpt from there. However, I did read Volume 1 of Dynamite Comics' rebooted Lone Ranger trade paperback. Now that is a fantastic story. I'll blog about it, soon. Very entertaining and highly recommended.

For more Dos OraciĆ³n el martes, Women of Mystery is the place to be today.


Leah J. Utas said...

Well done. The final sentence is like a it from a baseball bat.

Barbara Martin said...

Excellent work, Scott. Now I want to know what kind of danger those women are in. The flimsy clothing article might come in handy later, perhaps as a gag.

Scott Parker said...

Leah - I like dichotomy in writing. One sentence/section feels one way, the next is the opposite. Plus, there's the mundane notion of hooking a reader.

Barbara - I already have two stories in mind for Renee Richards. She was born when I vacationed in Texas last week and the idea of a woman being named "Ranger Rick" entered my head. I liked it and want to see what she's like. She's sassy, knowledgeable, girly when she wants to be, and with enough pluck to get her out of the situation I'm about to put her in. We'll see...

Charles Gramlich said...

Considering the lingerie, manhunt could have a couple of meanings here.

Scott Parker said...

Charles - Ha! Didn't see that one. I did think ahead of time when I named one of her friends "Grace" who is decidedly not graceful.