Wednesday, December 31, 2008

World War II Ended 62 Years Ago...Today?

In a fascinating snapshot, today's Date in History from the New York Times is this headline from December 31, 1946: Truman Declares Hostilities Ended, Terminating Many Wartime Laws; Republican Chiefs Commend Action. Here is the link to the New York Times' archives.

The study of history is wonderful because you always learn something new. I never knew that many of the wartime powers that Franklin Roosevelt initiated were maintained more than a year after the formal surrender of Japan in September 1945. Don't forget that the Democrats lost big in the off-year elections of 1946. The year 1947 would be the first Republican-controlled Congress since 1930.

What's even more remarkable is this paragraph:
President Truman told his news conference the time had come when the Executive Branch should give up some of the powers exercised during the war. He then announced his proclamation, gave out a list of the laws affected, and read a prepared statement which emphasized that his action was "entirely in keeping with the policies which I have consistently followed, in an effort to bring our economy and our Government back to a peacetime basis as quickly as possible."
Read that first sentence again and marvel at it: Truman gave up power. Remarkable.

Just a last tidbit of history on New Year's Eve. Until next year...


Barrie said...

You did make my day! Thank you for getting I So Don't Do Mysteries into the Houston Public Library and for keeping at it with Harris County! Happy New Year!

Zeeshan said...

Do you think its time for WW3?

Anonymous said...

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