Monday, September 12, 2011

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 1 vs. Indianapolis Colts

First drive? Typical.
The rest? Pretty tres awesome!
Dare we hope again?

Indianapolis Colts - 7
Houston Texans - 34

Ahh! The sweet smell of NFL football! It's been a long nine months (since the Texans played a game). Even before yesterday, there was a sense that maybe, just maybe, perhaps, if all goes well, this might, just might, be a year of something special. Granted, we had that thought last year after beating the Colts (with Peyton Manning) in game one, but this year still feels different. We'll have to wait and see.

As a fan of the NFL, I missed Peyton Manning. He is truly one of the great players ever to play the game and, frankly, I always enjoy watching him play. The way he choreographs his team is like a master potter making beautiful art out of clay. I hope he returns soon and wished he would have been able to continue his consecutive starts streak.

Still, football is back!

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