Sunday, October 10, 2010

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 5 vs. Giants

First half was pungent.
Question: Do laundry or watch?
Ah! The smell of lint.

Memo to Bookies:
Stop picking Texans to win.
It's our albatross.

The high of Week One
Now a distant memory.
Might have been a fluke.

Playoffs are for teams
Who know, in their skins, winning.
To date, Texans don't.

Talent for playoffs
Is something Texans possess.
Now, just prove it. Please.

New York Giants - 34
Houston Texans - 10


George said...

The Texans are way better than our hapless Buffalo Bills, Scott. You're still in the playoff hunt. We're 0-5 and looking to run the table.

Scott Parker said...

George - I'm pretty confident that the Bills will not go 0-16. Even the Lions couldn't manage that. Just like 16-0 is difficult to attain, so, too, is 0-16.

I'm pretty sure the season will end nicely for the Texans, but there are days...