Monday, October 4, 2010

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 4 at Raiders

Weapons not all there.
Sloppy, brilliant, down to wire.
A win is a win.

A note to Foster:
Whatever you did, stop it.
Be the Texans' Earl.

Houston Texans - 31
Oakland Raiders - 24

Record: 3-1, 1st in the AFC South!


Perplexio said...

Glad they won. I've got Foster on my fantasy team.

He and the Browns Peyton Hillis did well for me yesterday... Derek Anderson not so much (losing to the Chagers 41-10, OUCH!)

Buck said...

Why did Josh McDaniels chase Hillis out of Denver? Makes no sense.

Now the Broncos can't run the ball if their lives depended on it.

Nice win for the Browns.

Perplexio said...

Long term I think the jury still isn't in on the Quinn/Hillis trade. Short term the Browns got the better end of the deal. But given the right coaching and the right teammates and a chance Brady Quinn might still flourish. Keep in mind Brett Favre started his career in Atlanta and didn't really flourish until Mike Holmgren came along, and brought him to Green Bay. I don't know that Quinn will be the next Favre (that's being generously optimistic) but I do think he has the potential to be far better than he ever was in Cleveland. Whether or not he ever lives up to that potential remains to be seen. In the mean time, I'm loving Hillis on the Browns.

Buck said...

Well, I hope Quinn works out well for the Broncos, but with Orton and Tebow around, I'm not sure he'll get the chance.

Besides being a hard runner, Hillis seems to have a certain charm to him. They really liked him in Arkansas, and we really liked him in Denver.