Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 2 at Redskins

Sixty minute men
Found a way to win. Big Time!
Andre the Giant!

Overtime's the bane
Of the Texans' history.
Except yesterday.

Houston Texans - 30
Washington Redskins - 27 (OT)

Record: 2-0


Perplexio said...

Games like yesterday's really make me wish I had Matt Schaub on my Fantasy football team!

I find it interesting that so many picked the Cowboys to go all the way this season... The Cowboys are 0-2... the Texans are 2-0. The nice thing the Texans have going for them is that they're kind of flying under the radar. Can't stand the Cowboys but I don't mind the Texans at all... I hope they continue to do well.

Randy Johnson said...

Your Texans played well yesterday, making a nice comeback. As I said over my way, I don't like the "freezing the kicker" call, but it's legal. Each team has three timeouts per half and entitled to use them whenever.

Those things will come to an end when some kicker misses the kick on the first one and makes it after the timeout.

George said...

I was impressed that the Texans came back from a 17 point deficit, on the road, forced the game into Overtime, and then found a way to win.