Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beat to a Pulp - The Cover!

I am already honored to be a part of the inaugural anthology from Beat to a Pulp. If I wasn't already jazzed at having one of my stories stand alongside tales from such stand-out names like Ardai, Gorman, and Reasoner, I need only look at the cover. Holy moly, that's an awesome cover.

What I really dig are the frayed edges. That's the kind of detail that brings home the feel of this collection.

Keep an ear cocked next month for when I get my copy, you're gonna hear a peal of excitement coming from Houston! Then you'll hear silence because I'll be devouring this baby.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very cool. Congrats on having a story in it. I'm gonna be looking forward to it myself.

David Cranmer said...

Scott, Glad you and Carter are a part of our first venture.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Looking forward to reading your story, Scott.

John D. said...

Love. This. Cover.

Scott D. Parker said...

Charles - I, too, am looking forward to cracking this book ope.

David - 'tis you that made it happen. Thanks again.

Patti - Right back at you.

John D. - You'll love the stories, too. BTW, great first SF Signal podcast. The Lou Anders interview was excellent. I think I could fill an entire shelf from my To Be Read stack with Pyr books.

Clare2e said...

That looks disgustingly AWESOME! Can't wait!