Friday, August 27, 2010

Forgotten Music: August 2010 - The Summary

Thanks to all who participated.

Special Note: Today is twentieth anniversary of the death of Texas guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn. I first learned who he was in listening to David Bowie's 1983 album "Let's Dance." SRV's unique sound is what, to me, makes "China Girl" such a good song. Of all the musicians Texas has produced--country, rock, rap, swing, whatever--if I had to pick one artist and one sound to explain how Texas *sounded*, it would be SRV.

Until the next Forgotten Music Thursday on 30 September...


Perplexio said...

Speaking of Texas Blues, while I agree with you about SRV, I think a strong argument could also be made for Johnny Winter. The Al Kooper/Mike Bloomfield live set @ the Fillmore East has a scorching guest spot by Johnny Winter on one song. Brilliant stuff! Mike Bloomfield even makes a point of mentioning that Winter is a Texan when he introduces him prior to the one song he guests on.

Charlie said...

Thanks for that tidbit on Stevie Ray. "Let's Dance" is the only Bowie song I can stand. Now I know why.