Thursday, March 25, 2010

Forgotten Music: March 2010

Welcome to the March 2010 edition of the Forgotten Music Project. Inspired by Patti Abbott's Forgotten Book Friday series, here we examine music that has fallen off the public's radar or other music that never made a blip. We're doing this on a once-a-month basis, the last Thursday of every month. Aside from my own entry, here's today's line-up:

If I have missed your name or got the wrong address, let me know and I'll fix it here and for future months. Anyone can join: just let me know here in the comments section, by e-mail, or in the comments section of my entry that you'd like to join in next month and I'll add you to the list.


Evan Lewis said...

Thanks once again for hosting, Scott. Heard some great tunes today.

Scott Parker said...

You're welcome. I'm just now getting a chance to visit everyone's sites. Day job.

Todd Mason said...

Yikes. I punted this one, too (along with the FFB last Fri). And I have some candidates...hmm...maybe on delay.

Sorry folks!