Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Six-Word Story

Via my Google Alert (yeah, I search for my name*), I just discovered that the six-word story I sent to S. J. Rozan was posted on 9 December. Here's the link. Have to laugh at the title she gave the story.

BTW, this is the year I first read an S. J. Rozan book, The Shanghai Moon. Here's my review. It's a fantastic book, easily one of my three favorites of the year.

*When I leave the "D" out of the search, I get to follow the exploits of "Scott Parker," a soccer player in the UK. Pretty fun to see how good a soccer player "I" am.


Randy Johnson said...

You got nothing on me, Scott I'm a big time pitcher(hah!)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like that story. No bullet holes. Well at least no fatal ones, I suppose.

I have a google alert on my name as well.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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