Monday, June 1, 2009

Wild West Monday #3

Today is Wild West Monday, an effort started by Gary Dobbs who writes The Tainted Archive blog. He sums it all up nicely in this entry. It's an effort not only to bring back the western but fast, quick reads that entertain just as much (or better?) than the latest TV or movie. It's something I've lamented about before, especially when it comes to SF and fantasy. And it's what Hard Case Crime and Gabriel Hunt books (my review of Gabriel Hunt at the Well of Eternity here) are all about.

But westerns are the theme today. So go on: head on over to your local bookstore and library and ask about westerns. Get them to create a section if there isn't one and buy some books if there is one. As a Texan, westerns are part of my DNA. Make it part of yours.


Dominic Fox said...

You may have read this but 'Wolf In Shadow' by David Gemmell looks good. I've only just started it but it is a western and a fantasy book.

Dominic Fox said...

Just realised who you are. Sorry.
You wrote about an actor who was a railroad detective?
Will you turn that character into a book?

Scott Parker said...

Dominic - I have not read Wolf in Shadow. I'm adding it to The List. And, yes, I do hope to expand a Calvin Carter story into a book. I'm toying with ideas now (and re-reading Doyle's Holmes short stories) as I write a steampunk/fantasy novel.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll second the Wolf in Shadow book. There's actually a series about the character, Jon Shannow. Good books. Definitely got a western feel to them.

Chris said...

Hey Scott, heck of a Western you wrote over on Beat to a Pulp! I really liked it. Linked to it from today's post. By the way, Westerns and Stuff is no more—I'm sticking with the L'Amour blog. Thought I'd keep you updated. (:

Scott Parker said...

Charles - I detect a little similarity in your profile photo and the cover of the Wolf in Shadow book. I guess you do like it.

Chris - Link is back to the original. Glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for linkage.