Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SF Signal: The Faces Revealed...and more fun information

If you are a regular visitor to SF Signal, my essential daily SF fix, as I am, you know that the guys who run the blog are faceless. No longer.

Head on over to Cult Pop for a video interview with John DeNardo and J. P. Frantz. In addition to seeing their faces and hearing their voices, they give a rundown of the daily operation of SF Signal, how it started, and other interesting tidbits.



John D. said...

...and when you see us, you will wish we were still faceless. Hiyo! :)

Scott Parker said...

John D. [chuckle] Nah. I really enjoyed hearing about the inner workings of SF Signal. And it's great to hear y'all are just fans doing what you love. Isn't that about 98% of all blogs on the web?