Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gabriel Hunt website - Now Live!

The new website for the novels featuring hero Gabriel Hunt is now active.

What's great about the new site is that there are sample chapters from all six books. If they don't whet your appetite for adventure, you must be made of stone.

For those of y'all who don't know, Gabriel Hunt is the brainchild of Charles Ardai, of Hard Case Crime fame. He mentions the inspiration of the Hunt books in my interview with him back in January.

The excitement is building...


David Cranmer said...

The site looks great. Pulp lives!

Clare2e said...

I saw promo material for this at Naomi Novik's last book party shared with Hard Case's 50 to 1 anniversary, and loved the concept.

Can't wait to see how it reads. My husband's just finished reading Tarzan on his phone, and it's good to get a refresh on the classic pulp adventure as a comparison.

Scott Parker said...

I've got Tarzan cued up on my audiobook to-listen list. I've never read and I'm looking forward to it.

What really struck me was that your husband read the book 'on his phone.' Was it an iPhone? And did he even bat an eye about reading the book that way? I read books on my Palm Pilot and think nothing of it. An eRreader app is the one thing that's kept me away from an iPhone. Now that I see those apps are available, I'm likely to get one soon. I am a Mac guy after all.

I'm working on a story now that may become a classic pulp adventure story. Only time will tell.


eejut said...

i'm now blue in the face with anticipation. I should probably stop holding my breath and simply pre order the book.

more info about your pulp story?!

Scott Parker said...

My pulp story...

Here's the deal. I recently wrote and submitted a story to David Cranmer's Beat to a Pulp webzine. He and editor Elaine Ash liked it and accepted it. Best news I've received thus far in 2009, I have to tell you. Anyway, that story kinda felt like a chapter 1 to a longer story so I've been thinking through some ideas. Part of me sees it as a pure pulp story in the tradition of Doc Savage and Indiana Jones and your Mariah Chase. Part of me sees the story as traditional western with mystery influences (the hero of the story is a railroad detective) where the hero solves the mystery a la Sherlock Holmes or Christopher Foyle. Part of me wants to go steampunk a la "Wild Wild West" TV show. And then there's a female co-star so romantic elements can't be too far behind.

When I asked my wife what she'd like to read, she suggested that I try a few ideas out and see what sticks. I'll probably do that. I'll keep everyone updated. And be sure to visit Beat to a Pulp every Sunday for a new story each week.

eejut said...

Sounds like you've got a million ideas on the go!

I'd also say, i dont think anyone of those ideas needs to be exclusive, you could just mashe it up and have a blast. Di you ever watch the 90's Batman cartoon? I ask because there was an episode that feature Jonah Hex in the old west, fighting a madman with a big HG Welles style flying machine. It combined so many different genre's, and was a blast.

Beaten to a pulp is a lot of fun, i've been meaning to plug it. Might have a story in the offing there too.