Monday, June 23, 2008

Chicago's Stone of Sisyphus: I OWN It!

I've had a cassette copy since 1995 (I had to pay postage and give up my original Chicago VIII LP complete with the iron-on transfer). I bought the foreign compilation CDs where some of these songs appeared. I paid for a CD version in 1999. I downloaded the various versions on the internet since 2000.

But there is nothing, nothing, like going to a store (Target) and finding a legal compact disc, picking it up, and holding it. That's why I chose not to download it from iTunes (my new normal way of buying music). I actually had to look for it. There were only two copies and I got one. I made sure the other copy was prominently displayed.

I told the check-out lady about it. I ripped off the plastic covering before I left the store. The grin did not leave my face all the way to the car...

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