Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Historic Day for America?

Hillary Clinton conceded her bid for the Democratic nomination today. And I can't help but wonder if we have not seen the last true Baby Boomer run for president. Obama, technically, is a Boomer because the cut-off date is generally 1964. But he is not of the generation. Clinton is.

The Civil War generation and presidential politics lasted from 1868 (Grant) until 1900 (McKinley's reelection). The election of 1904, between Teddy Roosevelt and Alton Brooks Parker, was the first presidential election without a Civil War veteran. No World War I veteran ever ran for president. Same for Korea.

The Depression/World War II generation of presidential election politics lasted until 1996 when Bob Dole became the last World War II veteran to run for president. 2000 was the first true Vietnam-era election with Gore and Bush and 2004 was the second. 2008 could very well be the last Vietnam-era election if McCain loses. Ironic that such a divisive moment in our history only played out in five presidential election cycles (vs. 9 for the Civil War and 11 for WWII).

Another potential future nod: might Obama be the first semi-Generation-Xer to run for office?

Just food for thought for a potentially historic Saturday, June 7, 2008.

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