Wednesday, May 7, 2008


In my New York Times Page-a-Day Crossword today, the day after I finished The Thin Man and wrote my review, there is this clue: One of Asta's owners. Four letters. Beginning with N-O-_-_.

Here's my latest bit of coincidence: I just finished reading my first Allan Guthrie novel and I'm currently reading my first Christa Faust novel. Love them both...but my local libraries don't have any other copies. And I've been to five bookstores looking for Guthrie works...and there are none. Granted, that might be because they are so good everyone is buying them. So I'm looking at the table of contents for an anthology I have but have not read (Hell of a Woman) and what do you know? I've got stories not only by Guthrie and Faust but Bruen, Charlie Huston, Sara Gran, and Eddie Muller. Guess I should have opened the book sooner. I would have been ahead of the game.

Has that kind of thing ever happened to you? Where you get some notion or idea or thought, you ponder it, and then something comes out of the blue and it is just what you needed to hear/see/feel? Weird that way.