Thursday, May 1, 2008

Female Crime Writers and Female Characters

Since my second novel, Justice in H-Town, has a female HPD detective as the main character, I'm becoming a bit more sensitive to 'woman things.' By that I mean that, well, I'm a guy and have guy thoughts. But I need to be sure to put gal thoughts in the head of my detective, Anne Chambers. My wife is a great resource as are the women (and men) in my writing group.

Over at the Behind the Black Mask, Clute and Edwards have posted the podcasts they did for Noircon 2008 in Philadelphia. I just listened to the Wise Guys and Femmes Fatales episode. C&E interviewed Megan Abbott, Vicki Hendricks, Christa Faust, and Jonathan Santlofer. Had to laugh when Jonathan mentioned that his female editor, at one point, mentioned that he did not have enough 'girl stuff' in his books. Great episode and it, and all the episodes from Noircon, are well worth a listen. Looking forward to when I'll be attending, first as a fan and then, maybe, someday, as a writer.

BTW, after finishing Guthrie's Kiss Her Goodbye, I'm currently reading Christa Faust's Money Shot (Hard Case Crime). Tune in to Behind the Black Mask in May when C&E will interview Faust. I've read the first chapter already. Holy cow! I'm already blown away.

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