Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Novel Milestone: 100 pages

Up until now, I have written only two things that were longer than 100 pages. The first was my thesis in college and the second was my Truman novel. Today, at lunch, I can now count three things I have written that were over 100 pages. I passed the 100-page mark today for my new novel. It happened in chapter 14 and I managed to write chapter 15 as well. It's an exciting milestone to reach.

Somewhere, I read a comment by Elmore Leonard that said that a book's character doesn't appear until he's written about 100 pages. Ironically, the prose in chapter 15 was quite difficult to write and 'see' in my head. I hope that does not continue for the next 100 pages. It's a scene where my heroine is being grilled by her commanding officer. I can do cop talk when it's a scene between a cop and a thug. Cop-talk is just a truncated version of English. But a CO to a subordinate, both of whom are cops, is tougher. Don't know why but it is.

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Doug Warren said...

Congrats! At least someone I know is getting some writing done.