Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Would You Do?

I think every writer around keeps a journal of some sort filled with ideas. I keep more than one, if truth be told, and a couple electronic ones, too.

Picture this: an idea you once had a year or three ago reasserts itself in your mind. You turn it over a few times, checking to see why, perhaps, it returned to the forefront of your mind. Satisfied that you might want to work on it again, you face a dilemma: do you re-read your old notes from way back when or do you charge forward, assured that either you will remember all the ideas you had about this topic the more you write OR do you let new ideas filter in?


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll generally go back and read the notes, although I don't often make extensive notes on ideas anyway.

David Cranmer said...

Man, the spam is hitting you hard this week. But to answer your question, I have dozens of notebooks and a Word document with thousands of fragments, one sentence, or even complete rough drafts.

Anonymous said...
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Sean Coleman said...

If you are taking submissions for Forgotten Music for August, here's my link http://finnbros.blogspot.com/

Neil Young's Trans is the record of the month.

Thanks again,


Scott Parker said...

Sean - I am. Just need to get the list up. Thanks.